Zoey Hayes Jones

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Zoey Hayes Jones

Zoey Hayes Jones is a pre-show Emcee from Los Angeles who's been with Sins O' The Flesh since 2011.

Zoey got her start in Rocky Horror in 2007 in Arizona, where she hosted pre-show and performed Riff Raff, Rocky Horror (A Creation), and Dr. Frank N. Furter, though she was best known for her work as Riff Raff in Arizona. Since moving to LA, Zoey has focused on her role as Emcee. Probably best known for getting killed in a shower by a gay, leather-daddy werewolf in the cult horror-comedy film Chillerama.

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Dr. Cosmo McKinley

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2016: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again Premiere - Roxy Theatre (West Hollywood CA)|
Zoey is featured in The Drunky Horror Picture Show