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1983 cast in front of the theatre after closing was announced. From left: Diane Hatcher, Tina Van Deusen, Johnny Dixon, Liz Roach, Delia Austin, Lisa Lorentz, Vicky Foster and David Mason. (Larry Reese : Houston Chronicle)
August 21,1981 Announcement Ad for Shock Treatment Preview at the Alabama
2015 Poster at Trader Joes, now inhabiting the classic theatre

Theater Location: 2922 S. Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX

Theater Open Date: November 2, 1939

Theater Status: Closed December, 1983

Alabama Theater was one of The First 30 US Theaters‎‎ to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a weekly, ongoing midnight-only movie on June 11, 1977.

The Alabama was a major hub of activity for the Rocky Horror community, and had a pre-release preview/premiere of Shock Treatment on August 22, 1981 featuring a visit from Richard O'Brien, who arrived in a 1963 Ford Thunderbird (like the one in the movie).

The theater closed in 1983, and in 1984, became a book store until 2009. The structure was intentionally saved in a way that it could be easily restored into a theatre, and theatre chain Alamo Draft House made an attempt, though it remained empty until it was designated a historical landmark. In 2012, it was meticulously restored by Trader Joes, who kept the theater theme and paid tribute to its Rocky Horror History with a poster for "The Broccoli Horror Picture Show."

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