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The Clay in 2018

Theater Location: 2261 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Theater Chain: Landmark Theatres (1991 - 2020)

Theater Open Date: 1910

Theater Status: Closed

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Opened in 1910 after the great earthquake and rebuilding of the city, the Clay became one of the first and the longest continuously-operating movie houses in San Francisco. It originally operated under the name "New Fillmore" and then "A Nickelodeon Theater" until 1935 when Herbert Rosener reopened the Clay as "The Clay International". It has been a go-to spot for midnight film in San Francisco since 1972, when the Clay hosted the first midnight movie in San Francisco with the premiere of John Water's Pink Flamingos.

The Bawdy Caste performed at screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on the last Saturday of each month from 2007 until the theater closed on January 26, 2020.
The Clay Theater is featured on The Rocky Horror Picture Show - 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl Picture Disc.

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