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Front cover of Fearless

Fearless is the second solo album recorded by Tim Curry. It was released on A&M Records in 1979 while The Rocky Horror Picture Show was in the midst of its most wide-spread popularity. The album was able to capitalize on the free publicity by playing promotional videos for the single tracks "Paradise Garage" and "I Do The Rock" before the Midnight showings at theaters across the country. The videos were aired repeatedly over a 3-year period on the first national video broadcast program (and precursor to MTV) called Video Concert Hall that had wide-spread distribution via Superstation WTBS.

Fearless became Curry's biggest commercial success as a recording artist, reaching #53 on the Billboard Hot 100, while the single, "I Do The Rock" peaked at #91. A summer concert tour coincided with the album's release.

Track Listing

Side A
"Right on the Money" (Tim Curry, Dick Wagner) - 3:15
"Hide This Face" (Tim Curry, Dick Wagner) - 2:56
"I Do The Rock" (Tim Curry, Michael Kamen) - 4:45
"S.O.S." (Dick Wagner) - 4:15
"Cold Blue Steel And Sweet Fire" - (Joni Mitchell) - 3:37

Side B
"Paradise Garage" (Tim Curry, Dick Wagner, Bob Babbitt, Charlie Collins) - 6:13
"No Love on the Street" (Tim Curry, Michael Kamen) - 4:53
"Something Short of Paradise" (Dick Wagner) - 3:20
"Charge It" (Tim Curry, Dick Wagner) - 5:17

Singles from Fearless

"I Do The Rock"/"Hide This Face"‎ (7"Single)
"I Do The Rock" ‎(12" Single)
"Paradise Garage" ‎(7" Single)
"Paradise Garage" ‎(12" Single)
"I Do The Rock"/"Paradise Garage" ‎(7" Single, Promotional) "I Do The Rock"/"Paradise Garage"/"Charge It" ‎(12" EP, Promotional)

Album Credits

Tim Curry - vocals
Dick Wagner - guitar
Bob Babbitt - bass
Charles Collins - drums, percussion
Michael Kamen - keyboards, oboe
Bette Sussman - keyboards
Michael Tschudin - synthesizer
Jimmy Maelen, Allan Schwartzberg - percussion
David Sanborn - alto saxophone
Arnold McCuller, David Lasley, Ula Hedwig - backing vocals

Tour Dates

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