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Fred is a shadow-cast performer from Chicago, IL. She first went to RHPS in Aug of 1980, the weekend after her 14th birthday with her sister, who was going with her college friends.

General Info

Cast Affiliation: She spent many years with Completely Crazy and was a founding member. She later joined The_Rich_Weirdoes

Roles Played: Riff Raff, Magenta, all of them.

Years Active: 1980 - current

DeVirginization: August, 1980



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One night the Magenta didn't show up at the Biograph Theater, so the guy playing Riff asked me if I would do it. I was nervous, but my friend that I was with said to do it. I don't remember the date but it was in 1983. I joined cast and mainly played Magenta. As we moved to another theater I tried other roles: Brad, Riff and Frank are my favs, at the time I didn't like Janet, since I didn't like my boobs to be touched, Columbia is last on my list.

I'm sure people wonder about the name Fred, well it was a birth certificate mistake, the person who typed it out, put my dad's middle name where mine should be, mine was actually to be Lynn, not many people know my first name, and I try to keep it that way, also on the birth certificate, where it says sex for the kid, it says "white" for the parents, it has race. I was with Completely Crazy in Woodridge IL, played all parts, I am currently moving to FL, and will maybe try to join a cast out there.