The Celluloid Jam 2

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Convention Location: Fort Mitchell, KY (outside Cincinnati, OH)

Convention Website:

Convention Dates: June 1-2, 2012

Convention Venues The Drawbridge Hotel

Convention Organizers

Convention Schedule

Badge made to celebrate the fake fire at the convention


  • 9:00pm - Karaoke & bar reception


  • 1:00pm - Fan Forum 1: Costuming & Costumers
  • 3:00pm - Fan Forum 2: Rocky Horror cast leaders
  • 5:00pm - Fan Forum 3: Cast Leaders II: promotions, social networking, etc.
  • 7:00pm - Shock Treatment
  • 9:30pm - BOSScars Awards Ceremony
  • 10:00pm - After Party


  • 9:00am - Saturday Morning 16mm Cartoons
  • 1:30pm - Trivia
  • 2:00pm - RH-related rare videos
  • 2:30pm - Character Costume Contest
  • 4:00pm - Pre-show & videos
  • 9:00pm - Raffle & Dark Refrain auction
  • 12:00pm - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Fire Alarm

At approximately 1:00am on Sunday morning, during the showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the London Hall of the Drawbridge Inn. The fire alarm went off, sending almost the entire hotel outside into the parking lot. This occurred a couple different times that evening. After the last time, guests of the convention came back into the London Hall greeted by Cosmo and Kev playing the song 'We Didn't Start The Fire' by Billy Joel over the PA.

Afterward, some people made jokes about surviving the fire at the TCJ2 Con, including some who went so far as to print buttons. See picture above.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Casting

Dr. Frank N. Furter:

Janet Weiss:

Brad Majors:

Riff Raff:


  • Samantha Swope (JCCP)
  • Melissa O'Moore (The Denton Affair)


Dr. Scott:

Rocky Horror:

  • Will Scott (The Denton Affair)
  • Phil Piper (JCCP)
  • Mia Kovka (JCCP)


The Criminologist:


Betty Munroe:


Shock Treatment Casting

Farley Flavors:

Brad Majors:

Janet Majors:

Dr. Cosmo McKinley:

Dr. Nation McKinley:

  • Patti Pope
  • Wally Barsell (Completely Crazy)
  • Samantha Swope (JCCP)
  • Ryan Elgart (Simply His Servants)

Bert Schnick:

Betty Hapschatt:

Judge Oliver Wright:

  • Dante Immersi (HoH)

Ralph Hapschatt:

  • Lindsay Kozlowski (JCCP)

Macy Struthers:

  • Audrey Cordova (Completely Crazy)
  • Mia Kovka (JCCP)


  • Chelsea Spirito (Sins Of The Flesh)

F5 Commercial Kids:

  • Rowan

Rest Home Ricky:

  • Nick DeTiberiis (HoH)
  • Jake Huff
  • Palue DeLarge (HoH)

Emily Weiss:

  • Missy Stricklett (The Denton Affair)

Harry Weiss:


Neely's Crew:

  • Kevin Ur (HoH)

Vance Parker:

  • Jai Schuler (HoH)

Brenda Drill:

  • Liz Wolf (Sins Of The Flesh)


Oscar Drill:

  • Aaron Schiff (The Denton Affair)

The Bits:

Irwin Lapsey:


  • Randy Trull

Mervin Murluck:

  • Reg Q. Gables



Award Ceremonies

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