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Liz Stockton

Liz Stockton is a Rocky Horror Legend from Los Angeles, CA. She has previously been a member of the Malibu cast and Wild and Untamed Things, but is currently a member of North Denton Aristocrats, KAOS, and Sins O' The Flesh. She currently plays Dr. Frank-N-Furter, but had previously held the roles of Janet Weiss, Magenta, Columbia, and the Pamela Obermeyer (Afro) Transylvanian.

Liz owns a Rocky Horror wig and costuming business called My Favorite Obsession. She has been performing in Rocky Horror casts since 1991.
She was a cast leader on Sins O' The Flesh for a cumulative 7 years, and was one of the main people to create and run 7 Deadly Sins: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary Convention.

Liz's proudest Rocky moments include:

  • Making Barry Bostwick's current floorshow costume, which he modeled at 7 Deadly Sins: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary Convention.
  • Hosting a show for the homeless casts of Southern California in 2013.
  • Winning the 25th Anniversary costume contest as Janet, after showing her custom Susan Sarandon underwear to ROB, Pat Quinn, and Nell, and kissing ROB, who then said on mic "You didn't have to use tongue!"
  • Writing such memorable con preshows as The Tim Burton Horror Picture Show and The Quentin Tarantino Horror Picture Show.
  • Playing Janet for Susan Sarandon, her daughter Eva, Tim Robbins, Natalie Portman, Thora Birch and Lukas Haas at the historic Nuart Theater. Susan was heard to exclaim "Look how young and beautiful I was!" This is the first and only time Susan has ever watched a full RHPS shadowcast. She thought it was a "room full of people with Tourette's," but later sent Liz a signed picture with the words "Don't Dream It, Be It" on it.
  • Playing Steven Tyler Frank for the Monsters of Rocky pre-show that won the 35th anniversary pre-show contest and was performed onstage at the Hard Rock in Atlantic City. She lip-synced "Don't Stop Believin'" as floorshow Frank while Little Nell and Patricia Quinn held up lighters.
  • Performing as Frank-N-Furter for the RHPS Tribute and Costume Ball, alongside such luminaries as Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito. Liz was directed by Kenny Ortega, slept with Matthew Morrison, and kissed Julian MacMahon, and it's all on YouTube. She performed for Tim Curry, and was able to chat with him. He told her that the reason he wore pearls in the movie was an homage to his mother.
  • Being chosen as the female Frank N Furter for the "Picture in Picture Show" on the Blu-Ray, alongside Stefan Leenaars as the dude Frank.
  • Winning best costume for her "Columbia Pictures" costume at Celluloid Jam 2, and "Most Wanted Female" at Frankie Goes to Hollywood (an award which she is honored to have but still thinks should have gone to Lady Bob)
  • Being on the winning team, TWICE, for Project Rocky Runway.
  • Watching Liz Beaux get an NDA ass tattoo.

Cast Affiliations

Sins O' The Flesh
North Denton Aristocrats
Wild and Untamed Things
The Forbidden Fruit

Theaters Attended

Conventions Attended

Misc. RHPS Performances/Appearances

Shock Treatment Events

Notable Events Attended

2010: RHPS Tribute and Costume Ball (Los Angeles CA)
2010: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary (West Hollywood CA)
2014: An Evening with Tim Curry - Silent Movie Theater (Los Angeles CA)
2015: Rocky Horror Picture Show Day (Los Angeles CA)
2018: Barry Bostwick Handprints - (Vista Theatre, Los Angeles, CA) July 6

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