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Transylvanian(s) refers to the party guests in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. They are prominently featured in "The Time Warp", "Sweet Transvestite", and in the lab to witness the birth of Rocky Horror (A Creation). In most stage productions of The Rocky Horror Show, the Transylvanians were Phantoms that serve partially as Frank's guests and also as set-movers.


Transylvanians doing the Time Warp in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)


Sue Blane, the film's costume designer, was quoted in a 1979 interview: "The first 20 minutes of the film was supposed to be in black and white, the Transylvanians played a key part in the color switch. In the black and white sequence they looked quite proper dressed in their tuxedos, but when the film went to color you were suddenly supposed to notice that underneath their conventional jackets they were wearing these ridiculously bright shirts. I was hoping it would be a really magic moment. Under the circumstances, it wasn't." Blane also added, "I still think my biggest mistake was with the Transylvanians. I can't pretend to like them. Their costumes are just dreadful, and I think doing them as individuals, a sheikh here, a midget there, was too indulgent. They should have looked identical, almost mass produced." Brian Thomson, the film's set designer, added the Lightning Bolt pinned to their sleeves (also represented on the griffin statues and Riff Raff and Magenta's space suits).