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Peggy Ledger as a Transylvanian

Peggy Ledger (July 23, 1900–July 4, 1981) was an Irish actress who appeared as a Transylvanian in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Born Peggy Dallas, Ledger had been an actress as a young woman, but left the craft to raise a family with her actor husband Hugh Whitemore Ledger. At an age when most people are thinking of retiring, Ledger returned to acting as a senior citizen, most favorably with a two-year run in the London stage show The Dirtiest Show in Town where she was the most dressed cast member, prancing around in a tutu.

At just under 5’ tall, she was not shortest Transylvanian, but at 74 when she appeared in The Rocky Horror Picture Show as both a Transylvanian and a wedding guest, she was the eldest. She has the spoken line "I always cry at weddings" at the beginning of the film, and later remarks “lovely party” during "Hot Patootie".

Peggy passed away at in St. Mary's Hospital, in Westminster from bronchopneumonia on July 4, 1981. Her eulogy at her funeral service was given by fellow Transylvanian, Christopher Biggins.


1978: The Losers (TV Series) - Old Woman
1978: The Famous Five (TV Series) - Aggie
1977-1978: You're Only Young Twice (TV Series) - Katy
1976: Space: 1999 (TV Series) -Old Lady
1975: The Rocky Horror Picture ShowTransylvanian/Wedding Guest
1975: Anne of Avonlea (TV Mini-Series) - Miss Patty
1974: Handle with Care: Aunt Harriet (Short) - Aunt Harriet
1973: Cheri (TV Series) - Madame Aldonza

Stage Productions

1971-73: The Dirtiest Show in Town