Lightning Bolt

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RKO Radio Pictures Lightning Bolt logo - 1933
The Medusa in "De-Medusa" mode

The Lightning Bolt is a symbol seen in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was one of the original logos used by RKO Pictures.
In The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the Lightning Bolt is seen on the Transylvanian flag and the griffin statues located throughout Oakley Court. All of the Transylvanians wear armbands featuring the Lightning Bolt on their sleeves. It is also seen while the Medusa is activated and deactivated. The Lightning Bolt appears on the space suits worn by Riff Raff and Magenta at the end of the "Floor Show". Patricia Quinn says that when shooting on the film that was completed, she was allowed to keep the Lightning Bolt emblem which appears on Magenta's space suit, and that she still has it. The Lightning Bolt also appears as a part of Riff Raff's laser weapon which shoots red lightning bolt-shaped beams of pure antimatter.