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Stephen Calcutt as the tallest Transylvanian

Stephen Calcutt is a 6’ 6” tall English actor and model who appeared as a Transylvanian in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Born on May 6, 1952 in England, Stephen Calcutt was working part time as an actor when he received the role of a Transylvanian. Like several of the other Transylvanians, he was registered with the U.G.L.Y. Agency when the call came out for unusual looking actors. Calcutt also appeared as a wedding guest in the opening scene of the movie.

In the '70s, Calcutt appeared in several music videos, including a featured part as Adolf Hitler in a Black Sabbath video. Calcutt was a in an English pop group called Klimper Klan, who had a minor Disco hit in several European countries with the Moog-infused single Five Funny Fingers in 1977.

Calcutt auditioned for the role of Tzizvvt in the original Star Wars (The Fly in the Cantina) but that he did not get the part, as they decided to use an animatronic instead of an actor. He did, however, become the stand-in for Chewbacca and the body double for Vader on all 3 original Star Wars films doing uncredited stand in work and lighting blocking for Peter Mayhew and David Prowse.

Calcutt went on to many more minor roles and stand–in jobs (including a Harry Potter film). He has also found much work as a model in print ads as well as in a variety of television commercials.


1999: Quills (uncredited)
1983: Fords on Water - Shop Assistant
1982: The Eric Sykes 1990 Show (TV Movie) - Jessie Palethorpe
1975-1982: Doctor Who (TV Series, 9 Appearances) - Snake / Tribesman/ Marshman / Mute
1980: Phoelix
1980: Flash Gordon - Azurian Man
1979: Will Shakespeare The Untold Story (Uncredited)
1979: The Old Curiosity Shop (TV Mini-Series) - Vuffin's Troupe Member
1977: Fiona - Karl
1973-1976: The Two Ronnies (TV Series 3 appearances) -Phantom / Various Characters / Policeman /Sailor
1976: Confessions of a Driving Instructor - Old Borstalites
1976: Rentaghost (TV Series) - Leonardo da Vinci
1975: The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother - Oscar the page
1975: The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Transylvanian
1973: 7 of 1 (TV Series) - Butterfingers
1972: The Canterbury Tales - The Groom (uncredited)