The Transies Take Manhattan

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Convention Location: New York City, NY

Convention Website:

Convention Dates: July 23rd-25th, 2004

Convention Venues: Park Central Hotel New York, Clearview Chelsea West Cinema

Celebrity Guests

Convention Organizers

Host Casts: The NYC Cast and The Home of Happiness cast of Montclair, NJ.

Convention Schedule


  • Rocky Horror International Party, DJ, Cash Bar, Costume Contest
  • Fashionista Fashions by Miss Halo 5 Designs
  • Shock Treatment Performance
  • NYC Cast Rocky Horror at Clearview Chelsea Cinema


  • Vendor Tables, Rare Footage Screened
  • Costume Challenge
  • Guest Speaker Panel-Stephen Calcutt, Sadie Corre and Lindsay Ingram
  • Pre-Show Set 1-Home of Happiness, Satanic Mechanics, Full Body Cast
  • "Madness Takes its Toll" Documentary World Premiere
  • Pre-Show Set 2-Home of Happiness, NYC, Midnight Madness
  • Guest Speaker Panel-Perry Bedden, Yasmin Pettigrew, Kimi Wong
  • Auction & Raffles
  • Pre-Show Set 3-RKO, Lechez Moi, Pink Invaders, Schvan Lake
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show with All-Star Cast


  • Bagel Breakfast in Central Park
  • Softball

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Casting

Dr. Frank N Furter

  • Charley Layton
  • Nick-n-Futer - TNP - Philly Rocky Horror
  • Wally Barsell
  • Kim Woodworth
  • Jason Kline
  • Jeff Baker

Brad Majors

Janet Weiss

  • Katey Downie
  • Michelle Werner
  • Danielle Satow
  • Sarah Kucera
  • Rebecca M.

Riff Raff

  • Mad Man Mike
  • Erica Wolbransky
  • Mike Gamsby
  • Jonathan Burnim


  • Patti Pope
  • Hilary Maxwell
  • Emily Augustin
  • Erica-n-Futer - TNP - Philly Rocky Horror
  • Carrie Williams
  • Sarah Miskoff


  • Melissa Peltzman
  • Sarah Updyke
  • JD Leggett
  • Anna Offerman
  • Elyse Soto
  • Anissa Brazill



  • Matt Perosi
  • Nick DeTiberiis
  • Michael Alicea

Dr. Scott

  • Scott Sheridan
  • Charles H.

The Criminologist


  • Dawn Miller

Shock Treatment Casting

Janet Majors

  • Melissa Peltzman
  • Kim Woodworth

Brad Majors

  • Ron Maxwell

Farley Flavors

Cosmo McKinley

  • Mad Man Mike

Nation McKinley

  • Patti Pope
  • Wally Barsell

Judge Oliver Wright

  • Sean Twomey

Betty Hapschatt

  • Carrie Dahlby

Ralph Hapschatt

Nurse Ansalong

  • Emily Agustin

Rest Home Ricky

Bert Schnick

  • Sarah Miskoff
  • Raymond Mitchell

Emily Weiss

  • Sherri Timmermann

Harry Weiss

Macy Struthers

  • Michelle Werner

Neely Pritt

  • Jenny D.
  • Rebecca M.

Vance Parker

  • Angelo Cirelli

Floor Manager

  • Anna Offerman


Irwin Lapsey

  • JefF Nurkiewicz

Oscar Drill

  • David Chosid


  • Chad Parizman

Brenda Drill

  • Carrie Williams

Additional Screenings

  • "Madness Takes its Toll" Documentary

Special Performances

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Award Ceremonies


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