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Bill Ung - Photo by Lauren Everett

Bill Ung is an American Rocky Horror Legend. He is a member of Midnight Insanity.

Cast Affiliations

Midnight Insanity

Theaters Attended

Balboa Theatre (Newport Beach CA)
The Art Theatre (Long Beach CA)
Royal Theater - Queen Mary (Long Beach CA)
Warner Grand (San Pedro CA)
South Coast Village Regency (Santa Ana CA)
Nuart Theater (West Los Angeles CA)
Rialto Theatre (Pasadena CA)
Majestic Ventura Theater (Ventura, CA)
Frida Cinema (Santa Ana CA)
Clay Theater (San Francisco CA)
Albany Twin (Albany CA)
UC Berkeley Theatre (Berkeley CA)

Conventions Attended

1990: 15th Anniversary Convention (Los Angeles, CA)
1991: Rocky Horror's Sweet Sixteen (Las Vegas, NV)
1993: 18th Anniversary "Age of Consent" (Long Beach, CA)
1993: ROCKYCON '93 The 18th Anniversary (Las Vegas, NV)
1995: ROCKYCON '95 (Beverly Hills, CA)
1995: The Rocky Horror 20th Anniversary Celebration (Los Angeles, CA)
1996: ROCKYCON '96 (Las Vegas, NV)
1997: The Light in the Darkness (Anaheim, CA)
1998: ROCKYCON '98 (Las Vegas, NV)
1999: Rocky Rocks the Rockies (Denver, CO)
1999: El Fishnet Fiesta (Tucson, AZ)
2000: East Coast 2000 (Allentown, PA)
2000: Bay Area 2000 (San Jose, CA)
2000: 25th Anniversary Convention (Las Vegas, NV)
2001: Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Hollywood, CA)
2001: Rocky Horror Vacation (Orlando, FL)
2003: The Big O Con (Wichita, KS)
2004: The Transies Take Manhattan New York City, NY
2005: Cirque Du Rockeil (Las Vegas, NV)
2006: The Un-Toucha-Touchables Unconventional Convention (Chicago, IL)
2007: The Pirates of Transylvania (Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA)
2010: 7 Deadly Sins: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary Convention (Los Angeles, CA)
2011: The AC 4.7.11 Convention (Atlantic City, NJ)
2012: The Last Rockycon (Phoenix, AZ)
2014: El Fishnet Fiesta Dos (Tucson, AZ)

Misc. RHPS Performances/Appearances

1999: Rocky Horror Cast Member on stage for Richard O'Brien Live at Retrofest/Santa Monica Civic
2014: Interviewed for Rocky Horror Saved My Life
Bill is featured in A Regular Frankie Fan
Bill is featured in People Like Us: The Cult Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show by Lauren Everett

Shock Treatment Events

Notable Events Attended

2010: RHPS Tribute and Costume Ball (Los Angeles CA)
2010: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary (West Hollywood CA)
2013: I Survived the Tiffany Reunion - Tiffany Theater/Canters Deli (Los Angeles CA)
2014: An Evening with Tim Curry - Silent Movie Theater (Los Angeles CA)
2016: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again Premiere - Roxy Theatre (West Hollywood CA)