The AC 4.7.11 Convention

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House of Blues, AC

Convention Location: Atlantic City, NJ

Convention Website:

Convention Dates: April 7-11, 2011

Convention Venues Showboat Hotel, House of Blues

Celebrity Guests

Convention Organizers

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Convention Schedule

Patricia Quinn & Shawn Stutler (Photo by Mina)
  • Karaoke drag show



The Rocky Horror Picture Show Casting

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Shock Treatment Casting

Janet Majors

Brad Majors

Farley Flavors

Cosmo McKinley

Nation McKinley

Judge Oliver Wright

Betty Hapschatt

Ralph Hapschatt

Nurse Ansalong

Rest Home Ricky

Bert Schnick

Emily Weiss

Harry Weiss

Macy Struthers

Neely Pritt

Vance Parker

Floor Manager


Irwin Lapsey

Oscar Drill


Brenda Drill

Glish Davidson

Bits Drummer

Bits Bassist

Wardrobe Mistress

Additional Screenings


Award Ceremonies

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