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Back view of a bustier from Columbia's Closet tutorial.

Columbia's Closet was a blog created by Mina Credeur that detailed her research and construction methods for making Rocky Horror costumes. In previous years she accepted custom commissions, but later only sold accessories and embroidered patches at conventions.


Mina Credeur created the blog in 2009 to compliment her custom costume business by detailing the work that went into her costumes. Because it's a blog format readers were invited to comment with their own results and insights. The blog was taken down in 2020.


Denton High patches

Mina sold embroidered reproductions of the following at conventions and (sometimes) online:

  • Brad's Denton High School patch
  • Frank's motorcycle jacket patches
  • Frank's metallic floral overlay

Mina has also made custom patches for special events including:


Mina offered several free sewing patterns on her blog that could be downloaded (no longer available).

Custom Fabric

Fabric Swatches

Mina has created reproduction prints of some of the fabrics from the film.

Convention Related

Columbia's Closet has had a seller booth at these conventions:

References (now defunct) (now defunct)