I Survived the Tiffany Reunion

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I Survived the Tiffany Reunion Artwork by Lisa Kurtz Sutton
Commemorative Event Badge
Unconventional Conventionists reunite at The Tiffany
Unconventional Conventionists at The Nuart

Event Location: Los Angeles, CA

Event Date: March 9, 2013

Event Venue: The Tiffany Theater, Canters Deli, Nuart Theater

On March 9, 2013, a group of alumni of Rocky Horror at the Tiffany Theater gathered on the hillside across from the long dormant venue for a reunion and photo op on the 30th anniversary of its closing. Afterwards, a larger group convened at their most significant all-night meeting place from days gone by, Canters Deli, for several hours of reminiscing and reconnecting. In addition to original attendees of the Tiffany, several past and current performers from Sins O' The Flesh, Midnight Insanity, Too Much Coffee Cast, and other local cast members joined in the festivities.

Part of the event was held in commemoration of Garrett Gafford who was set to participate, but suffered a stroke a few weeks before the event (and passed away soon after). Jim Cochrane who also had passed away suddenly was also memorialized, and his prized Brad's Shorts (really!) were on display in his honor.

Many of the participants went to a special screening at the Nuart Theater, which included a reel of vintage footage from the Tiffany in the pre-show.

The event was particularly well timed, as the theater (which had stood dormant for many years) was demolished 6 months later, leaving no trace of the legendary venue. Even sadder was the loss of two core cast members, Richard Gifford and Dawn Morrison, shortly after the event.

Event Organizers

Troy Martin
Lisa Kurtz Sutton


Meryl Senatt (beloved manager of the Tiffany)
Dawn Morrison
Richard Gifford
Julie Ford
Troy Martin
Jill McManus
Michele Morris
Lisa Kurtz Sutton
Dennis Miller
Brett Pearce
Diana Fitzgerald
Shani Moore
Michael Sugar
Jay Goldstein
Bobbi Snyder
Nora Salisbury
James Dockery
Jennifer Laurie
Ginny Garrison
Ray Thompson
Bernie Bregman
Bill Ung
Nikki Ung
Jason Satterfield
Zoey Hayes Jones
Will Goodman

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