Garrett Gafford

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Garrett Gafford
Garrett with Terri Hardin as Magenta and unknown Columbia
Garrett with Dori Hartley in front of the Roxy Theatre, August 26, 1979, waiting to see Tim Curry perform on the Fearless tour

Garrett Gafford (also known as D. Garrett Gafford) was the primary Frank N Furter at the Tiffany Theater in West Hollywood, CA. Garrett began performing in mid-1977, and remained the center of The Tiffany Troupe until June 19, 1981. What made Garrett unique was that Garrett was a woman living as a man -- a genuine transexual saving up for the operation. Feverishly devoted to accuracy, Garrett created several meticulously screen-correct costumes in the era before home video. To Garrett, the role was a big responsibility, and it was as more a lifestyle than a hobby. As a result, Garrett became well known state-wide, and was often asked to appear at other theaters, and won several costume contests along the way. Garrett also developed a friendly relationship with Tim Curry in the late '70s.

Garrett passed away in May of 2013 after suffering two strokes (that revealed brain cancer.) Garrett's ashes were sprinkled at sea, while the song "I'm Going Home" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack was played. As a lasting tribute to his/her importance to the cult, Garrett's floor show costume is on display at the Valley Relics Museum in Chatsworth, CA, where it stands on a dressed mannequin under the rescued and preserved Tiffany Theater Marquee.