1980 - 81 North American Tour

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The Rocky Horror Show 1980 - 81 North American Tour
1980-81 US Tour Poster for the Aquarius Theatre in Los Angeles

The 1980 - 81 North American Tour was the first official production of The Rocky Horror Show to play in North America since the show closed on Broadway in 1975. Billed as The "Original" Rocky Horror Show, it used the costume and set design by Sue Blane and Brian Thomson from the earliest productions of the stage show. Kim Milford reprised his role from the Original Roxy Cast as Rocky Horror (A Creation).

Sponsored in part by Schlitz Beer, merchandise sold on the tour included t-shirts, sweatshirts and rolling papers.

1980 - 81 North American Tour Cast

Frank Gregory - Dr. Frank N Furter
Marcia Mitzman - Janet Weiss
Frank Piergo - Brad Majors
Pendelton Brown - Riff Raff
Meghan Duffy / Lorelle Brina - Magenta/Usherette
C. J. Critt - Columbia
Kim Milford - Rocky Horror (A Creation)
Donnie Kehr / Thom McCleister - Eddie/Dr. Scott
Steve Lincoln - The Narrator
Phantoms and Chorus - Thom McCleister, Dennis Daniels, Michael Glenn-Smith, Eddy Hasselbrink, Candy Darling (Dance Captain)

Show Credits

Produced by Lou Adler and Michael White
Directed by Julian Hope based on the direction of Jim Sharman
Book, Music and Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Set Design by Brian Thomson
Arranged by Richard Hartley
Costumes Designed by Sue Blane
Lighting by - Toni Goldin
Stage Manager - Scott W. Glenn
Associate Producer - Robert S. Fishko
Keyboards - Paul Shierhorn
Guitar - Douglas Quinn
Bass - Collins Trier
Saxophone - Neil Singh
Drums - Marty Quinn


Harvard Square Theatre - Cambridge MA (October - December 1980)
Granada Theatre - Chicago IL (December 18, 1980 - January 4, 1981)
Jackson City Auditorium - Jackson MS (January - February 1981)
Aquarius Theatre - Hollywood CA (February 24 - March 14, 1981)
Warfield Theatre - San Francisco CA (March 24 - April 12, 1981)

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