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The Rocky Horror Show Original Roxy Cast (1974)
Promotional bumper sticker from the Roxy Cast production
Announcement ad for the soundtrack LP
Roxy Cast Single Sleeve front and back for "Sweet Transvestite" b/w "I'm Going Home"

The Rocky Horror Show - Original Roxy Cast was the Original Los Angeles production of The Rocky Horror Show.
American producer Lou Adler attended a performance of The Rocky Horror Show with then-girlfriend, Britt Ekland, while in London. Liking what he saw and looking for a cabaret act for his Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, Adler met backstage with producers and within 36 hours had secured the American theatrical rights. The show premiered at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on March 24, 1974. Tim Curry from the Original London Cast reprised his role of Dr. Frank N Furter, along with American actors in the remaining roles. The show had a very successful 9-month run, ending on January 5, 1975.

In October, singer/songwriter Paul Jabara (later famous for writing "It's Raining Men") replaced Curry in the lead when he and Meat Loaf went to film The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

An Original Los Angeles Cast LP was recorded and released on Ode Records in August, 1974. Legendary L.A. session musicians, known as the "The Wrecking Crew", played on the soundtrack LP. These musicians played on countless commercial releases including LPs by The Monkees, The Partridge Family, The Carpenters and The Beach Boys. A 7" single release of "Sweet Transvestite" backed with "I'm Going Home" billed as Tim Curry and the Original Roxy Cast was released with a picture sleeve that matched the LP cover art. In 1990, the soundtrack was released as part of The Rocky Horror Picture Show 15th Anniversary Box Set.

Ode Records Catalog Number

SP 770265 (77051)

Original Roxy Cast

Tim Curry - Dr. Frank N Furter
Abigale Haness - Janet Weiss
B. Miller (aka Bill Miller, now known as Michael Fontaine) - Brad Majors
Bruce Scott - Riff Raff
Jamie Donnelly - Magenta/Usherette
Boni Enten - Columbia
Kim Milford - Rocky Horror
Meat Loaf - Eddie/Dr. Everett V. Scott
Graham Jarvis - The Narrator
Susan Morse - Phantoms/Chorus/Understudy
Alan Martin - Understudy
John Mark Robinson - Understudy

Secondary Roxy Cast

Paul Jabara - Frank N Furter
Beverly Bremers - Janet Weiss
B. Miller (aka Bill Miller, now known as Michael Fontaine) - Brad Majors
Bart Braverman - Riff Raff
Jamie Donnelly - Magenta/Usherette
Boni Enten - Columbia
Tony Hoty - Eddie/Dr. Everett V. Scott
Jimmy Sbano - Rocky Horror
Ray Stewart - The Narrator
Susan Morse - Phantom/Chorus/Understudy
Alan Martin - Understudy
John Mark Robinson - Understudy

Show Credits

Book, Music and Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Directed by Jim Sharman
Set Design by Brian Thomson
Musical Director - D'Vaughn Pershing
Arranged by Richard Hartley
Costumes Designed by Sue Blane
Lighting by Chipmunk
Sound Design by Abe Jacob
Production Stage Manager - David H Banks
General Manager - Brian Avnet
Associate Producer - John Beug
Costumes Executed by Larry Lefler
Set Constructed by Wayne Hazelhurst
Casting by Otto & Windsor Ltd and Joel Thurm

LP Credits

Produced by Lou Adler
Engineer: Hank Cicalo
Asst. Engineer: Milt Calice
Recorded at A&M Studios
Keyboards: David Foster, Larry Knechtel, D'Vaughn E. Pershing
Guitars: Daniel Kortchmar, Dean Parks, Thomas J. Tedesco
Drums: Hal Blaine
Bass: Joe Osbourne
Horns arranged and played by: James R. Horn, Trevor Lawrence, Steven P. Madiano
Percussion: Gary Coleman
Musical Director: D'Vaughn E. Pershing
Art Direction: Ode Visuals
Design: Des Strobel/AGI
Photography: Richard Fegley
Cover Illustration by Michael English

Musical Numbers

"Science Fiction, Double Feature"
"Dammit Janet"
"Over At The Frankenstein Place"
"Sweet Transvestite"
"The Time Warp"
"The Sword Of Damocles"
"Charles Atlas Song"
"Whatever Happened To Saturday Night"
"Charles Atlas Song (Reprise)"
"Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me"
"Once In A While"
"Eddie's Teddy"
"Planet, Schmanet, Janet"
"Planet Hot Dog"
"Rose Tint My World / Don't Dream It, Be It / Wild And Untamed Thing"
"I'm Going Home"
"Super Heroes"
"Science Fiction, Double Feature (Reprise)"

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