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Announcement in The Advocate for Paul Jabara taking over the role
Roxy program page with Paul Jabara

Paul Jabara was an American singer, songwriter and actor who took over the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter at The Roxy Theatre when Tim Curry left to film The Rocky Horror Picture Show in October, 1974.

Like many Rocky Horror related actors, Jabara had perviously appeared in stage versions of Hair and the Jim Sharman production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Jabara appeared in the film Thank God It’s Friday, and also wrote the hit song “Last Dance”, which was performed in the film by Donna Summer. He also wrote the Barbara Streisand/Donna Summer duet "Enough Is Enough." A few years later, Jabara co-wrote disco-anthem “It’s Raining Men” with Paul Schaffer.

Jabara died on September 29, 1992 at age 44 following a long illness clause by complications from the AIDS virus.

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