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Troy Martin
Troy Martin with Erotic Nightmares (1980)
Rick Sloane, Troy Martin, Sal Piro, Nora McGillivray & Steve Laybourn Cartoon - Tiffany Theater (July 1981)
Richard Gifford, Tim Curry & Troy Martin (1991)
Troy Martin and Tim Curry (2011)
Troy Martin as The Criminologist (2014)
Troy Martin is an American Rocky Horror Elder. His first exposure to Rocky Horror was in 1974 in a record store in Shrewsbury, NJ, where he discovered the recently released The Rocky Horror Show - Original Roxy Cast LP in a record bin. In August 1978, he heard Tim Curry singing "Sweet Transvestite" for the first time on the Dr. Demento Show broadcast on KMET 94.7 FM. Intrigued by the music, he saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show when it opened at the United Artists Cinema 4 - Tyler Mall in Riverside, CA on February 2, 1979. He quickly became a regular participant as a Transylvanian with a loosely organized group of fans known as The Riverside Rockys. In August 1979, he became one of the first Rocky Horror fans to regularly play The Criminologist. In November 1979, along with Vid Kadavre, Julie Ford, and Richard Gifford, he founded Erotic Nightmares, one the first regular, full-time Rocky Horror performing groups on the West Coast. He also became a member of The Tiffany Troupe at the legendary Tiffany Theater on the Sunset Strip, performing there from 1979 to 1983. He was one of the first Rocky Horror fans to see Shock Treatment at a private pre-release screening at 20th Century Fox. Troy still performs occasionally, and he remains an active member of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Official Fan Club, attends Rocky Horror performances and events, and is an avid collector of vintage Rocky Horror Merchandise‎‎. He maintains a website dedicated to his personal Rocky Horror experiences, and is a major contributor to The Rocky Horror Wiki.

Cast Affiliations

Theaters Attended 1979-Present

Conventions Attended

1980: The Second Annual Transylvanian Convention (Hollywood, CA)
1981: The Semi-Annual Transylvanian Convention (Los Angeles, CA)
1981: The Third Annual Transylvanian Convention (Anaheim, CA)
1982: ROCKY ALIVE (Hawthorne, CA)
1995: The Rocky Horror 20th Anniversary Celebration (Roxy Theatre, Pantages Theatre, Hollywood, CA)
2007: The Pirates of Transylvania (Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA)
2010: 7 Deadly Sins: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary Convention (Los Angeles, CA)
2019: Sins UnCon 19‎ (Los Angeles, CA)

Misc. RHPS Performances/Appearances

1980: Velvet Magazine - "Rocky Horror Update"
1981: That's Hollywood - "Cult Classics"
1982: Vice Squad
1981: The Rocky Horror Treatment
1983: Valley Girl
2014: Interviewed for Rocky Horror Saved My Life
2015: Troy is featured in People Like Us: The Cult Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show by Lauren Everett
2020: Troy is featured on The Rocky Horror Picture Show - 45th Anniversary Limited Edition Vinyl Picture Disc

Shock Treatment Events

1981: Shock Treatment Special Advance Screening, 20th Century Fox, Los Angeles CA - August 7
1981: Shock Treatment Premiere --Vista Theatre, Hollywood CA - October 30

Notable Events Attended

2010: RHPS Tribute and Costume Ball (Los Angeles CA)
2010: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary (West Hollywood CA)
2013: I Survived the Tiffany Reunion - Tiffany Theater/Canters Deli (Los Angeles CA)
2013: Rocky Horror Cast reunion at The Hollywood Show (Los Angeles CA)
2013: Archival rescue of Tiffany Theater marquee (West Hollywood CA)
2014: An Evening with Tim Curry - Silent Movie Theater (Los Angeles CA)
2015: Rocky Horror Picture Show Day (Los Angeles CA)
2016: Rocky Horror Cast reunion at The Hollywood Show (Los Angeles CA)
2016: The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again Premiere (West Hollywood CA)
2016: The Rocky Horror Picture Jam - Whisky a Go Go (West Hollywood CA) October 25
2017: Tim Curry and Jamie Donnelly: An Evening Of Classic Broadway - Rockwell Table & Stage (Los Angeles CA)
2018: Tim Curry Art Tribute - Creature Features (Burbank, CA) February 24
2018: Barry Bostwick Handprints - (Vista Theatre, Los Angeles, CA) July 6
2018: The Rocky Horror Picture Jam - Whisky a Go Go (West Hollywood CA) October 30
2019: Meet the Timeless Tim Curry - March 28 & 30, 2019
2019: The Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Riverside Live! - (Riverside CA) October 26

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