United Artists Cinema 4 - Tyler Mall

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UA Cinema 4 - Tyler Mall, Riverside, CA

Theater Location: Riverside Freeway at Tyler Street, Riverside, CA

Theater Chain: United Artists Theatres

Theater Open Date: November 21, 1970

Theater Status: Closed in 2001 and converted into a bookstore.

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United Artists Cinema 4 - Tyler Mall, also known as the "UA Cinema 4 - Tyler Mall", was a multiplex theater located in Riverside, CA.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show opened there on October 6, 1976 as part of a general re-release of the film in the greater Los Angeles area, paired with Phantom of the Paradise.
It returned as a Midnight movie on February 2, 1979, and played there every Friday and Saturday night for over 3 years. It was the first Rocky Horror theater in the Inland Empire.
The Riverside Rockys were a loosely organized group of fans that attended the earliest Rocky Horror screenings at the theater. In November 1979, Erotic Nightmares began performing there as one of the first regular, full-time Rocky Horror performing groups outside of Los Angeles and remained there until February 1981. Upon their departure, Sins Of The Flesh became the cast for the theater until the film stopped playing on December 25, 1982. In 2001, the theater was closed permanently and converted into a Barnes And Noble bookstore, where it still stands.

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