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Rocky Horror Elders Troy Martin, Lisa Kurtz Sutton, Sal Piro and Carron Leon with Rocky Horror Legends Bill Ung and Jesse Merlin at Rocky Horror Picture Show Day in Westwood, CA
Rocky Horror Elder is a title given to members of the first generation (1975-1980) of fans who remain associated with The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Rocky Horror Elders, generally speaking, were there from the beginning of the cult, but no longer perform.
Not to be confused with Rocky Horror Legend, which can be a person or place significant to the community, of any generation, including a Rocky Horror Middler (a long-performing, second-generation fan from the later '80s and into '90s).

Rocky Horror Elders (Partial List)

Lisa Kurtz Sutton
Sal Piro
Lillias Piro
Sa Winfield
Carron Leon
Perre Poley
Chelsie Kraemer
Elizabeth Pacela
Gene Chiovari
Mike Psyche
Julie Ford
Vid Kadavre
Richard Gifford
Troy Martin
Steve Laybourn Cartoon
Michele Morris
Jill McManus
Christine Grisanti
Dennis Miller
Ron Maxwell
Bill Brennan
Bruce Cutter
Moishe Pipik
Roy Rossi
Betzi Vojtko