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Ron Maxwell is an American Rocky Horror Elder and recipient of The Boss Award in 2015.

General Info

Cast Affiliations:

Roles Played: Brad Majors

Years Active:

DeVirginization: April 1979


Conventions Attended

10th Anniversary Convention (New York, NY)

Transylvania 1992, The Beginning (London, UK)

Albany '95 (Albany, NY)

Boston Convention 1995 (Boston, MA)

The Rocky Horror 20th Anniversary Celebration (Hollywood, CA)

NYC '98 (New York, NY)

25th Anniversary Convention

East Coast 2000 (Allentown, PA)

Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Hollywood, CA)

Philly Con (Philadelpha, PA)

The Transies Take Manhattan (New York, NY)

Cirque Du Rockeil (Las Vegas, NV)

The Celluloid Jam ( Ft. Mitchell, KY)

The Un-Toucha-Touchables Unconventional Convention (Chicago, IL)

The Atlantic City '08 Convention (Atlantic City, NJ)

7 Deadly Sins: The Rocky Horror Picture Show 35th Anniversary Convention (Los Angeles, CA)

RHPS40 (New York, NY)

Guest Performances

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