UA Chris-Town Mall Cinemas 6

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Ad from the Arizona Republic on May 5, 1976

Theater Location: Christown Shopping Center, 1546 W. Montebello Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

Theater Chain: United Artists Theatres

Theater Status: Demolished

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UA Chris-Town Mall Cinemas 6 was a purpose-built multiplex opened by United Artists Theatre Circuit in April 1974. The theater's configuration was unusual. Its box office was not attached to it's cinemas, or even adjacent. Rather, like an open information booth, tickets were sold from a free standing counter located within the mall's main concourse on the ground floor. Patrons would then walk from the booth to board a one-way escalator. The lobby, snack bar, and auditorium entrances were on the mall’s second floor.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show began its run at the UA Chris-Town Mall Cinemas 6 on May 5,1976 and did not last long (two weeks at the most, though more likely one). The film was given a scathing review in the Arizona Republic on May 8, which called it (among other un-insightful things) "an offensive foray into glittering gaydom" and dismissed it as "simply foul." In 1981, when The Sombrero Playhouse closed, Rocky Horror returned as a Midnight Movie with its own devoted following, the UA ChrisTown Cinema Stage Show.

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