The Sombrero Playhouse

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1979 Schedule for The Sombrero Playhouse with special prime-time anniversary screening

Theater Location: 4747 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ

Theater Status: Closed


The Sombrero Playhouse was an independently run theater in Phoenix, Arizona that was amongst The First 30 US Theaters to pick up regular midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in April of 1977. A large and loud following grew quickly. Before their own cast took hold, The Sombrero hosted the Los Angles cast, The Rocky Horror Revue, on at least one occasion. Arizona was one of the earliest and most welcoming Rocky Horror locations, with enthusiastic screenings at the UA Chris-Town Mall Cinemas 6 as well as the Valley Art Theater, and the University Theatre, both near Arizona State University in neighboring Tempe.

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