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Rocky Horror Legend Mad Man Mike first went to the 8th Street Playhouse on his 13th birthday in 1983, and by the summer of that year started filling in as Dr. Scott as part of the 8th Street Players. Within time he moved to the part of Brad Majors and finally started playing Riff Raff in summer 1986 (a part he would play with NYC RHPS until 2014, Moving to the UK and joining The Glasgow Scotland cast). He took over the day-to-day running of the NYC cast from Sal Piro's departure in 1991 until 2009 (on and off with other long time cast members) and became the host of the show until his departure in 2014.

Mike is also known for:

  • Creating the first ever Rocky Horror fan film "The Brad / Riff Butt fuck scene" (Script & Riff - Mike / Brad - Ron Maxwell) (original Idea Mike & James Norman)
  • Being President of the Official Shock Treatment Fan Club (opened 1996)
  • Doing the commentary on the USA DVD release of Shock Treatment (along with Bill Brennan) / Later used on the UK Blu Ray Release
  • Helping to run conventions in both the USA and UK
  • Creating the first Rocky Horror April Fool's cut of the film in 2003
  • Providing fans with access to video of items not available for many years
  • ROCKYCON '96 - Throwing the party and being a participant in the "Fat Drunk Guy in a Baby Crib" Story [1]
  • Doing the only interview with Jeremy Newson (Ralph Hapschatt) on stage at the British Film Institute "Denton Convention 2016" in London (He also interviewed the Creators of "Shock Treatment - The Musical" Stage play at the same event)
  • Worked with the Jacksina Company in promoting the 2000 Broadway Revival of The Rocky Horror Show (including having the entire Broadway cast attend a performance of the NYC show as he and Dick Cavett co-hosted that night)
  • Hosted the first ever screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 3-D (Patterson New York, C. 1997?)

(Amongst other accomplishments)

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(As much as I can remember, There may be more) Performed Riff Raff / Cosmo McKinley at most. See ** extra notes