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The Gentilly in New Orleans
New Orleans ad for debut of Rocky Horror as a midnight movie after the main feature, 1973 animated film "Fantastic Planet", featuring the voice of Barry Bostwick
Prime-time run at the Genitlly Orleans in September,1976

Theater Location: 3869 Gentilly Road, New Orleans, LA

Theater Open Date: 1931

Theater Close Date: 1978

Theater Status: Demolished


The Gentilly Orleans Theater was located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was one The First 30 US Theaters to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a midnight movie starting September 3, 1976. It also ran as a prime-time feature at the theater for several days in prime time in September 1976 as well. The Gentilly had a long tradition of rambunctious Audience Participation, most famously for having a motorcycle drive through the audience when Eddie emerges from the deep freeze. The theater burned down in 1978, though the fire was not caused by any Rocky Horror antics (too much Flicking your Bic during "There's a Light," perhaps? Probably just an electrical fire, as reported.) The theater was not rebuilt, but Rocky Horror opened in 1978 at two other New Orleans locations; the Plaza Lake Forest and Sena Mall.

Susan Sarandon reportedly visited the Gentilly Orleans for a midnight screening of Rocky Horror in 1977, while in New Orleans, filming the 1978 feature film Pretty Baby.

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