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Title Card from Shock Treatment
Actress Jessica Harper (Born October 10, 1949) played Janet Majors in the Rocky Horror almost-sequel Shock Treatment. Susan Sarandon had originated the role of Janet Weiss (before she married Brad Majors) in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but turned down the opportunity to reprise the role. At the time, Harper was well known as the star for two popular cult films; Brian De Palma's 1974 musical, Phantom of the Paradise and the 1977, Dario Argento's horror classic, Suspiria, making her a great choice for the part. She had also previously appeared as an understudy in the Broadway production of Hair along with Diane Keaton, Meatloaf and Cliff DeYoung.

Since the 1990s, Harper has developed a second successful career as an author of children's books and as a composer of music for children as well as her web presence and books as "The Crabby Cook."

Screen Credits

1973: The Garden Party Peggy (Short film)
1974: Inserts Cathy Cake
1974: Phantom of the Paradise Phoenix
1975: Love and Death Natasha
1977: Suspiria Suzy Bannion
1977: Hawaii Five-O Sunny Mandell (1 episode)
1977: Aspen Kit Kendrick (Mini-series)
1978: Little Women Jo March (Television film)
1979: The Evictors Ruth Watkins
1980: Stardust Memories Daisy
1981: Shock Treatment Janet Majors
1981: Pennies from Heaven Joan
1982: My Favorite Year K.C. Downing
1985: When Dreams Come True Annie (Television film)
1986: The Imagemaker Cynthia
1987: Once Again Carrie (Television film)
1988: The Blue Iguana Cora
1989: Big Man on Campus Dr. Fisk
1989: Eat a Bowl of Tea American prostitute (Uncredited)
1993: Mr. Wonderful Funny Face
1995: Safe Joyce
1996: Boys Mrs. John Baker
1996: The Story First: Behind the Unabomber Linda (Television film)
1997: On the Edge of Innocence Alice Walker (Television film)
2002: Minority Report Anne Lively
2005: Crossing Jordan Dorris Meisner (1 episode)
2015: Proof "Cat's" Mother (1 episode)