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Fishnet Mafia

The Fishnet Mafia is the greater Columbus area’s official shadowcast for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, typically performing on the first Saturday of every month.

Cast Status: Active

Cast Location: Columbus, OH

Cast Facebook:

Cast Instagram:


The Columbus following of The Rocky Horror Picture Show dates back to shows in the Flickers Theater in the now defunct Graceland Shopping Center, where the troupe performed until 1997. They briefly relocated to a Southland Mall cinema before establishing ties in 1999 with Studio 35, a historic single-screen venue in the Clintonville neighborhood. [1] After a brief hiatus, the Fishnet Mafia was established in 2003 and has regularly performed at Studio 35 ever since. [2]

The Fishnet Mafia held its first stage performance at the Sandusky State Theater in October 2011. The cast performed on October 22, 2021, at the University of Akron's EJ Thomas Hall for Barry Bostwick's 45th Anniversary Spectacular Tour.

Recurring show themes include Goth & Bondage in February, Switch Show (Cast from a Hat) in April, and Pride in June.


  • Cora Mandragora, Director
  • Dottie Day, Director
  • Mr. Mandragora, Technical Director
  • Titus Androgynus, Stage Manager
  • Sir Felix Vicks, Costume Director


  • Gwen
  • Critch Starblade (c. 2007)
  • Topper Bottoms (c. 2011)
  • Velour Dujour (c. 2013)
  • Sasha A. Bombfox (c. 2016)
  • Hector Highwater (c. 2021)
  • Doom Peace (c. 2022)
  • Cherrii Onatopp (c. 2022)
  • Ada LovesLace (c. 2022)
  • Johann Androgynus (c. 2022)
  • Sarah Nade (c. 2023)
  • Ramble Tatters (c. 2023)
  • Delilah Daydream (c. 2023)
  • Bridgette Ciccione (c. 2023)
  • Kaida Crucible (c. 2023)

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