The Master's Affair

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The Master's Affair - Michele Morris, Jill McManus & Bryan Leib
The Master's Affair - Michele Morris, Mark Miller & Jill McManus
The Master's Affair - Bryan Leib & Michele Morris

Cast Location: Los Angeles CA

Cast Status: Retired

Cast Venues:

  • Baronet Theatre - Woodland Hills CA (1983 - 1984)[1]
  • GCC Pacific Sherman Oaks 5 - Sherman Oaks CA (1985 - 1986)[2]

Show Frequency: Weekly


The Master's Affair was the Rocky Horror cast for Woodland Hills, CA from 1983 to 1986.
Founded in part by alumni members of The Tiffany Troupe and Another Slice, they began performing at the Baronet Theater in 1983.
In 1984, they moved to the GCC 5 Theater in nearby Sherman Oaks, CA, where they remained until 1986.
The Master's Affair are featured in Creatures Of The Night: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Experience by Sal Piro.


Conventions Attended

1981: The Third Annual Transylvanian Convention (Anaheim, CA)
1982: ROCKY ALIVE (Hawthorne, CA)
1984: ROCKYCON '84 (Beverly Hills, CA)
1995: The Rocky Horror 20th Anniversary Celebration (Roxy Theatre, Pantages Theatre, Hollywood, CA)
2013: I Survived the Tiffany Reunion - Tiffany Theater/Canters Deli (Los Angeles, CA)

Guest Performers

Public Appearances