The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos

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The beautiful and historic River Oaks Theatre and that cast that performs there.

Cast Location: Houston, TX

Cast Website:

Cast Facebook:

Cast Status: Appears to be defunct; barely sober.

Cast Venues: River Oaks Theatre (Permanently closed March 2021)


Halloween 2016
Birthed out of turmoil November, 2011 by Jeff Foss. The cast anniversary is considered March 2012. The Royal Mystic Order of CHAOS (TRMOC) has a long-standing tradition of showing up to perform when no one else would and has never been recognized for contributions to the world of entertainment or Rocky Horror in general.

TRMOC performs at the historic River Oaks Theatre (Theatre is misspelled to make it seem more classy), a 1930's movie palace in Houston Texas.

TRMOC performs the second Saturday of each month November to June, then perform the second and fourth Saturday of each month during the summer months til October.

TRMOC is not recommended for women who are pregnant or want to get pregnant. Use as directed.

Cast Members

  • Stevie Lange
  • Some other people


  • Jeff "F**cking" Foss (Director)
  • Amber Foss
  • Stumpy Pete
  • That one guy that didn't shower too often
  • Former president of the United States James Madison (May not be correct, we're checking into this)

Theme Shows

  • Each show there's a theme.

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