The Stage Door Theater

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Ad for Rocky Horror Midnight Screenings in March of 1976

Theater Location: 216 State Street, Madison, WI

Theater Open Date: March 31, 1927

Theater Close Date: 2012

Theater Status: Closed as a cinema


The Stage Door Theater in Madison, Wisconsin, was among the The First 30 US Theaters in the US to screen The Rocky Horror Picture Show exclusively as a Midnight movie, though it was not part of the 10 other theaters with a prime-time, standard release. It first screened on March 13 & 14, three weeks before opening at Waverly Theater in New York .

The Stage Door was a 350-seat annex to the Orpheum, added in 1969 when the larger, 1927-built theater was given an update. In recent years, the Orpheum re-opened as a concert hall, and the Stage Door was absorbed back into it. On June 3, 1978 The Rocky Horror Picture Show moved to the Majestic Theater in Madison, where it remained each weekend for 21 years. In 2002, The Rocky Horror Picture Show returned too the refurbished Orpheum in bi-weekly screenings, running until 2007.

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