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After its exclusive, week-long debut at the UA Westwood, The Rocky Horror Picture Show was scheduled to open in 10 Theaters in the U.S. as part of a general release beginning on Friday, October 3, 1975.

The take in its opening week at these 10 theaters was so low, that it did not register on any charts, and the film disappeared quickly. New York was originally on the roster for the national opening, but the theater that had scheduled it dropped the engagements after poor advance reviews. The 10 US prints of The Rocky Horror Picture Show circulated as "exclusive showings" at various theaters and at Revival House Screenings of ''The Rocky Horror Picture Show'' over the next few months until it was reissued (and more prints were struck) in October, 1976. Most of the engagements included midnight screenings, some of which were the biggest draw at the early engagements. The push was to get the film into in more "college town" theaters, and to help draw in audiences it was paired with 20th Century Fox's Phantom of the Paradise, which also had a small, but growing cult following at the time.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was tested in several theaters as a midnight-only movie beginning in early 1976 with a handful of engagements before the most famous booking at The Waverly Theater in New York City. By mid 1977, it was playing in The First 30 US Theaters in a regular rotation in the U.S.

Known Prime-Time Theatrical Engagement Locations

Santa Barbara, CA (9/75)
Varsity Theater - Austin, TX (9/75)
Colony Cinema - Winnipeg, Canada (10/75)
Arcadia Theater - Philadelphia, PA (12/75)
UA Cinema Center - Westwood, CA (12/75-3/76 and 9/76-early 77)
Varsity Theatre - St Louis, MO 3/76-4/76)
Holly Theater - Hollywood, CA (3/76-9/76)
Parkway Theater - Las Vegas, NV (4/28/76-5/4/76)
UA Chris-Town Mall Cinemas 6 - Phoenix, AZ (5/76)
Des Moines, IA (5/16/76)
The Fort Drive In - Frederick, MD (9/2/76)
Gentilly Orleans Theater -New Orleans, LA (9/76) concurrent with midnight run on weekends
Towne Theatre - Oak Park, Michigan (9/29/76)
Town Cinema 2 - St. Paul, MN (9/76)

Special Midnight Engagements

Fox Venice Theater - LA, CA (9/25/75) Invitation-only advance midnight screening
Graceland - Columbus, OH (2/76) Limited engagement
The Stage Door Theater - Madison, WI (3/76) Limited engagement

The First 30 Midnight-Only Theatrical Engagement Locations ('75-'77)

Waverly Theater - New York, (4/3/76)
Varsity Theatre - St Louis, MO 3/76-4/76) Began as prime-time and became midnight-only in April
Riverside Twin II - Austin, TX (5/12/76)
New Yorker - New York City, NY (7/76)
Gentilly Orleans Theater -New Orleans, LA (9/3/76)
TLA Cinema - Philadelphia, PA (1/77)
Strand Theatre - Ocean Beach, CA (3/77)
Art Theatre - New Brunswick, NY (4/77)
The Sombrero Playhouse - Phoenix, AZ (4/77)
Sherman Theater - Sherman Oaks, CA(5/77)
Tiffany Theater - West Hollywood, CA (6/10/77)
Graceland - Columbus, OH (6/10/77)
Village Theater, Dallas, TX (4/29/77)
Alabama Theater - Houston, TX (6/11/77)
Ogden Theater - Denver, CO (6/25/77)
Grove - Miami, FL (7/2/77)
Neptune - Seattle, WA (7/29/77)
Strand - San Francisco, CA (8/19/77)
Cove Theater - Hermosa Beach, CA (8/19/77)
Balboa Theatre - Newport Beach, CA (8/19/77)
State College Movies - Pittsburgh, PA
Heights Arts - Cleveland, OH ( 8/19/77)
University Theater - Baton Rouge, LA (8/19/77)
Northwest - San Antonio, TX (9/9/77)
Riverside Twin I - Austin, TX (9/16/77)
Proctors - New Rochelle, NY (9/23/77)
UC Theatre - Berkeley, CA (9/23/77)
Loft - Tucson, AZ (10/77)
Rialto Theatre - South Pasadena, CA (11/77)
Key Theater - Washington, DC (12/2/77)

International Engagements of Note

Rialto - London (8/75-9/75)
Highpoint Thetre - Johannesburg, S Africa (2/76-?/76--12+ weeks)