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UC Berkeley Theater in the 1980s

Theater Location: 2036 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA

Theater Website: http://www.theuctheatre.org/

Theater Open Date: 1917

Theater Status: Currently a live music venue.

Cast Affiliations:

Berkley's UC Theatre was one of The First 30 US Theaters to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a weekend midnight movie and ran there for 22 years. The Northern California historic landmark had at one point been part of the 20th Century Fox theater chain, and later became a revival house in 1974, when it was taken over by Landmark Theatres with its programming handled by the owners of the UC's So Cal sister, the Nuart Theater, in Los Angeles. The UC closed in 2001 after Landmark let go of the lease and reopened in 2001 as a playhouse as it was being retrofitted. After significant updates, it morphed in 2016 to a live music venue. While not generally showing films, the UC does occasionally show The Rocky Horror Picture Show with the live East Bay cast Barely Legal. The set-up is unconventional, using a retractable mesh screen and the small concert stage.


First showing was Friday September 23, 1977
Final Showing was on Saturday January 2, 1999

In the early '90s, official Virgin hunters were outside the theater before the show. The Virgins were marked with "V" or "Fuck Me" in lipstick on their faces so that they could be easily identified by those with rice and other projectiles.

The UC showed shorts or music videos before the main feature.

Special Shows

  • Star Trek Night
  • Lingerie Night (4 x a year)

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