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Theater Location: 11 Mile Road and Greenfield Road Oak Park, MI

Theater Open Date: August 17, 1967

Theater Status: Closed

Announcement ad for Rocky Horror at The Towne Theatre in Michigan

The Towne Theatre in Oak Park, Michigan was on of the first theaters in the US to show The Rocky Horror Picture Show in a prime-time engagement. Though not one of the 10 other theaters to show Rocky Horror in September of 1975, it did use one of the original prints that circulated as the film grew in popularity. "Exclusive Michigan Premiere" was held on Wednesday, September 29, 1976 at the Towne Theatre.

The Towne Theatre was located at 11 Mile Road and Greenfield Road, next to K-Mart. It opened August 17, 1967. On February 17, 1971 it re-reopened as the Towne Twin Theatre.

Later, it was taken over by AMC it became a 4-screeen theatre. It has since closed and been demolished. An Aldi supermarket now stands on the site.

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