The Steinway Pianola Meets Rocky Horror

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The Steinway Pianola Meets Rocky Horror LP

The Steinway Pianola Meets Rocky Horror - A Player Piano Transcription of the Stage and Film Musical The Rocky Horror Show by Richard O'Brien

LP Credits

Arranged and interpreted by L. Douglas Henderson
Technical and Recording Assistance by Susan Endicott and Bertin Bernier

Production Background

One of the most unique interpretations of the music from The Rocky Horror Show, this 1980 LP contains the first complete motion picture musical score to the medium of orchestrated player-piano rolls. The rolls were arranged and perforated by L. Douglas Henderson of The Musical Wonder House, and took over a year to hand-perforate. The player-piano used in the recording of the LP was a 1912 Steinway Grand Pianola.


LDH Records
Catalog Number - RH603

LP Track Listing

Side A:
1 "Science Fiction, Double Feature" - Musical Prologue
2 Dammit Janet (listed as "The Wedding Song"} - Song And Dance Number
3 "Over At The Frankenstein Place" - Dramatic Ballad
4 "The Time Warp" - Production Number
5 "Sweet Transvestite" (listed as "Dr. Frank N. Furter's Entrance") - Patter Song
6 "The Sword Of Damocles" - Chase and Dance Selection
7 "Charles Atlas Song" - Musical Recitation
8 "Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul" - Dance Number
9 "Charles Atlas Song (Reprise)" - Scene Conclusion

Side B:
1 "Once In A While" - Duet Ballad
2 "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me‎‎" - Lyric Action Song
3 "Eddie's Teddy" - Dinner Music
4 "Planet, Schmanet, Janet" - Dramatic Patter Song
5 "The Floor Show" - Spectacular Production Number
6 "I'm Going Home" - Serious Ballad
7 "Super Heroes" (listed as "Superheroes")- Dramatic Ballad with Special Effects
8 "Science Fiction, Double Feature (Reprise)" - Musical Epilogue

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