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Doris gives herself over to absolute pleasure in the 1980 feature film, Fame
Fame is an American feature film directed by Alan Parker. Released May 16, 1980, the film was a chronicle of the lives of several teenagers who attend a New York high school for students of the performing arts. The film includes a pivotal scene, in which one of the school's students has an "awakening" via jumping on stage at the 8th Street Playhouse during a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It was the first fictional film to capture the Rocky Horror community, and is a lasting document for the pandemonium surrounding Rocky Horror that existed at the time.

The film also served as a milestone marker, ushering in the second generation of Rocky Horror fans. The first generation, from 1975-1980, began with little or no structured Audience Participation, and ended with complete madness. Essentially, before Fame, there was no script or standard to follow.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was peaking in popularity at the time Fame was released, and, although there was much media coverage both nationally and locally, Fame was a huge, main-stream hit and brought in sustained, wide-spread attention to Rocky Horror through years of play on cable television.
It also gave visual a template for shadowcasts to use in creating subsequent pre-shows. After seeing the 8th Street Players and Rocky Horror Elder Sal Piro acting as Emcee in the film, other shadowcasts were able to re-create what they saw in the film, as opposed to the less structured pre-shows that existed previously at each local theater.

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