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Rocky Horror Radio Commercials 7" vinyl disc

Rocky Horror Radio Commercials is a 7" vinyl disc that was distributed by 20th Century Fox to radio stations to promote the original 1975 theatrical release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The disc was "one-sided" and contained 8 recorded tracks featuring Richard O'Brien as Riff Raff.

Two of the spots (Cut #1 & Cut #4) were released on CD and Cassette versions of Songs From The Vaults (A Collection Of Rocky Horror Rarities) as part of The Rocky Horror Picture Show 15th Anniversary Box Set.

Track Listing

Cut 1 :60 (Music)
Cut 2 :30 (Music)
Cut 3 :30 (Riff Raff)
Cut 4 :30 (Belt in Mouth)
Cut 5 :30 (Get Mother)
Cut 6 :30 (Football Player)
Cut 7 :30 (Wall Street Broker)
Cut 8 :30 (Letter to Nixon)

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