The Beautiful Creatures

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Jeff, Joe, and Lauren
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Cast Location: Houston, TX

Cast Website:

Cast Facebook Page:

Cast Status: Retired, November 2011

Cast Venues: River Oaks Theatre

Show Frequency: Monthly


It had been 3 years since Rocky Horror had played at the River Oaks Theatre, but the new manager, Rob Arcos, welcomed it's return in 2005. Mina Credeur and Jim Cahoon were chosen to co-direct and assemble a cast. The name was chosen as an extension to the first Beautiful Creatures cast (1998-2001). After a successful first show (for the 30th anniversary), the cast arranged to perform monthly on second Saturdays.

In 2007 the cast picked up another monthly shows (on fourth Saturdays) at the Alamo Drafthouse - Mason Park. Because of the venue's smaller audience capacity, distance from the city, and lack of storage space for the cast, it evolved into a 2nd-string line-up. Veteran performers were given more lee-way with roles and new performers had to prove themselves at the smaller venue before performing at River Oaks. It eventually seemed necessary to create a second, "sister" cast. The Cherries assembled a cast in 2010, but the show failed to draw an audience. The offer was then extended to Zach who formed The Exceptional Beauties in 2011. Some Beautiful Creatures continued to perform with both casts.

Months of personal conflicts eroded the Beautiful Creatures cast. Co-directors Jim and Mina chose to retire together on "a high note" rather than struggle with the fracturing cast. The dissolution was announced after the Halloween show in 2011 and Jeff Foss was offered to assemble a new cast; The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos. A handful of Beautiful Creatures were initially a part of his new cast.


Deven, Lexi, and Lauren (2010)

Theme Shows

  • Gender Bender (December 22, 2007)
  • Gender Bender (December 21, 2008)
  • Girls, Girls, Girls (May 9, 2009)
  • Prom Night (May 14, 2011)


Jim Cahoon as Frank (2008)

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Special Shows & Appearances

Private Birthday Party (2009)
  • Private Birthday Party - River Oaks Theatre rented out (October 11, 2009)
  • The Strand Theater - Galveston, TX (Halloween 2006)
  • The Strand Theater - Galveston, TX (Halloween 2007)
  • ROCbar - cast members performed selected scenes on stage (August 2007)
  • HMS Mixers & Elixers - cast members performed selected songs live with Molly & The Ringwalds (Halloween 2010)