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#ooak doll by Addie Rall as Costume Contest prize, The Denton High Drama Club, Halloween Night, Wealthy Theatre, Grand Rapids MI 10/31/19

Cast Location: Muskegon, MI


Cast Facebook:The Denton High Drama Club Facebook

Cast Status: Active

Cast Venues: Harbor Cinema in Muskegon MI

Show Frequency: As of October 2019 in search for a new home venue so currently a floating cast with at least Halloween showings. See our Facebook page for upcoming showings. Visit The Denton High Drama Club Facebook


Dhdccast (2).jpg

Cast History

First Denton High Drama club shadowcast performance 08/19/17 at Harbor Cinema 1937 Lakeshore Drive Muskegon, Michigan 49441 details on their Facebook Harbor Cinema in Muskegon Facebook, and founded by Kevin Kilbry aka Capitan Dasterdly. The DHDC then moved to Muskegon Celebration! Cinema Plaza 1&2, 3450 Henry St, Muskegon, MI, 49441 with their first show on 04/21/18. After only 2 months at the new theater and without warning on 05/29/18 9:24am on the Plaza's Facebook page they posted "Plaza 1&2 is closed for business. For showtimes and discounted ticket options please visit Cinema Carousel." The DHDC then relocated back to Harbor Cinemas losing some cast members in the move. During this time Benjie Enter was made Assistant Director but then soon had to leave the group. Their inaugural return show at Harbor Cinemas was 07/21/18. Debut show for Denton High Drama Club at Wealthy Theatre Grand Rapids MI 10/30/18. The Harbor Cinema Lakeshore Dr location closed so the final DHDC performance there was 12/15/18 but the Harbor Cinema moved to 3450 Henry St, Muskegon, MI, 49441 to the old Plaza 1&2 location and their doors opened 12/28/18 and the DHDC moved with them back to the Henry St location after the New Year for the 01/19/19 show. 05/19/19 it was announced the shadowcast would go from monthly performances to a quarterly type to provide time to advertise and consolidate audience numbers. October 2019 Harbor Cinema theater owner unexpectedly declined having a shadowcast for their 10/25/19 Rocky Horror performance. 11/03/19 Kevin Kilbry announced on the cast page, "Harbor venue is limbo for the moment, But working it on a couple fronts. Rocky is our main but with all of your talents we could pull off some cool sh*t with or without a Home venue if that is the outcome" considering variety shows and other movies like The Room.

Active Cast & Crew

Cast parts frequently rotate. Usual Shadowcast includes...

Michael 'Sweet Pea' Baribeau

Kevin Kilbry aka Capitan Dasterdly (intentional spelling)

Sam Feenstra

Erin Lynne

Sam Koster

James Kozakiewicz

Walter Allon Myers Jr

Addie Rall

Doran Riley

Rain Riley

Sam Vandersluis

Lee Green - Tech

Deborah Bullis Myers - Greeter

Lainie - Mascot

Kelly Shannon - Photographer

Alumni Members

Max Norton

Sammy Scrivener aka 'Jinx C' (Jinx Caulfield)

Christine Vander Meer

Jamie Arnold-Page

Jenny Krasinski

Madison Hang

David Lee Dickens-Jacobs

Benji Enter aka Ms Dizzy Spellz (Assistant Director)

T Hill Hill

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