List of All Rocky Horror Cast Names

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This list was originally taken from Cosmo's Factory to use as a starting point. Would you like to add your cast? Do you see a cast listed that needs to be edited? Edit the document. Don't know how? Click Here --> How Do I Edit A Page.

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Please do NOT remove any cast names from this list, it is a compilation of ALL casts both active and inactive.

See also [1], which is not 100% comprehensive either.

  • Absolute Pleasure - (1) Bozeman, MT, (2) Petaluma, CA, (3) Biloxi, MS, (4) San Antonio, TX
  • Allies - Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA
  • Lip Service - (1) Belfast, Northern Ireland (2) Austin, TX
  • LIPS - University of Albany in Albany, NY
  • RKO - San Lorenzo, CA
  • U.F.O. - San Fernando Valley, CA.
  • Velvet Darkness - (1) San Jose, CA. (1990s) (2) Bakersfield, CA (3) Madison, WI