Dawn Marie's Misfit Toys

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Cast Location: Maysville, Kentucky

Cast Website: N/A

Cast Facebook: N/A

Cast Status: Active

Cast Venues: The Russell Theatre, aka The Rosemary Clooney Theatre

Show Frequency: Yearly starting in 2015

Cast History

Sometime in late 2014, Cosmo was contacted by the Russell Theatre in Maysville, KY. The theater was interested in doing a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to help raise funds to aid in the restoration of the Russell. Cosmo & Dawn Marie met with the theater to discuss having a shadow cast to accompany the film. For a myriad of reasons, the theater was unable to book RHPS for that year, however, Dawn Marie & Cosmo both kept communication open with the theater over the next year. By 2015 the theater was able to book the film and asked us once again if we could provide a cast. Dawn Marie of course said yes, and then proceeded to actually put together a cast. Between the two of them, Dawn and Cosmo were able to find enough generous folks to put together a cast for two showings back to back. Everyone did such a wonderful job and helped raise enough money for the theater that we were invited back again in 2016!

Currently this cast consists of people from Delaware, Washington DC, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois.


Alumni Members

Honorary Members

Special Shows


The Russell Theatre [1]

The Rosemary Clooney Theatre [2]