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Shane as The Criminologist: Transylvanian Concubines Faifax, VA. 11/24/19.
Shane G (Born Sometime Last Century) hails from the mean streets of Las Vegas, before an 8-year stint in North Dakota. Shane's Rocky career spans many of the nation's different, fabulous watersheds (Souris-Red-Rainy and

Mid-Atlantic). Now located in expensive, and quasi-transit-friendly Northern Virginia, you can find him weekly with the Transylvanian Concubines at the University Mall Theaters in Fairfax, VA.

A native of California, Shane discovered Rocky Horror through a friend, who later took him to an FFO show in Las Vegas. Bitten by the bug when he went to college in 2007, he joined the Halloween cast in Grand Forks, and finally after feeling restless in Virginia for far far too long, formed up with TC. Watch for him in any number of roles, ranging from Props, Transylvanian, Crim, Dr. Scott, Eddie, and soon, Riff Raff. An avid pilot, transit enthusiast, car guy, bad-movie lover and otaku, there's not much you can't talk about with Shane-but expect the occasional pun or five.

General (Serious) Info

Cast Affiliation: Transylvanian Concubines

Years Active: 2007-2015, 2019-Present

DeVirginization: 2005, Frankie's Favorite Obsession-Las Vegas, NV

Willing To Guest: Absolutely!

Specific (Trivia/Humorous) Info

Favorite Airplane: McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series (even Allegiant's)

Favorite Amtrak Route: Northeast Regional (electric and diesel sections equally)

Go-to At Panera Bread: Chicken Frontega Panini (and the kettle chips :3)

Current Fleet: Chevy Camaro & VW Golf Sportwagen S 4motion (both to be heavily tuned and modded)

Shane as Eddie: Transylvanian Concubines Faifax, VA. 02/22/20.Birthday show! :)

Cast History

  • 10/2007-10/2014: Nine and Numb's "Rocky Horror Picture Show Live! "-Grand Forks, ND
  • 01/2019-Present: Transylvanian Concubines-Fairfax, VA
  • 05/2019-7/2020: Charming Underclothes (2)-Roanoke, VA

Roles Played

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Repo! The Genetic Opera

  • Zydrate Addict
  • Spokesperson
  • Opera Testifier

Phantom of the Paradise

  • Death Records Henchman
  • Props
Zydrate Addict for Charming Underclothes. Ix Art Park Charlottesville, VA 5/25/19. Courtesy Jarod Kearney Photography.

Guest Performances

  • Magic City Misfits
    • September 26th, 2015: "Rocky 40" Event (Criminologist). Vegas Motel-Minot, ND.
  • Charming Underclothes
    • May 24th, 2019: "Repo! The Genetic Opera" (Zydrate Addict, Spokesperson). Ix Art Park-Charlottesville, VA.
    • February 28th, 2020: "Rocky Horror: MystiCon MMXX - The Star Wars Picture Show" (Sheev Palpatine/The Criminologist). Mysticon 2020, Holiday Inn Tanglewood-Roanoke, VA.
  • Bloody Mayhem Theatrical
    • August, 24th, 2019: "Phantom of the Paradise" (Death Records Henchman, Props). AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center-Silver Spring, MD.
    • October 5th, 2019: "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (Head Transylvanian, Ralph, Props). AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center-Silver Spring, MD.
    • January 10th, 2020: "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (Criminologist). Chelsea Cinemas-New York, NY