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Carl - as Eddie - during "Hot Patootie" performance.
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Carl Joseph Cascone (born June 8th in Cleveland, Ohio) founder and director of OH! Rocky-Lakewood Ohio's Interactive Rocky Horror Experience and actor for The Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society. His primary role is Eddie where he has made great strides improving Eddie's theatrical portrayal. He is credited with the invention of the "Eddie Prop Bike", and utilizing advanced makeup for his performances.

Facebook: Carl Joseph Cascone

Instagram: @carljosephcascone

Twitter: @CarlCascone

IMDb: Carl Joseph Cascone

General Info

Affiliated Cast(s): OH! Rocky; The Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society

Theatre(s): The Winchester Music Tavern (Lakewood, Ohio); The Historic State Wayne Theater (Michigan)

Position: Director (Lakewood, Ohio); Cast Member (Michigan)

Primary Roles: Eddie, Dr. Scott

Years Active: 2015 to Current

DeVirginization: October, 1982

Official Casts

February 2019 - Present

OH! Rocky in The Winchester Music Tavern

September 2018 - Present

The Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society (MiRHPS) in the Historic State Wayne Theatre.

August 2015 - September 2018

Simply His Servants in the Cedar Lee Theatre.

Early Life

First experience/loss of Rocky Horror virginity

In 1982 a co-worker asked for a ride to meet some friends at a midnight movie in Cleveland. There was no warning, there was no explanation. There was only a line of strangely dressed kids outside the Heights Art Theater.

"I was shocked and amazed and my life has never been the same"

"For decades afterwards, I took great pride in traveling around the United States finding performing floor show casts and learning the local callbacks and loudly, very loudly injecting my own."

2015 - Current

The High Times

Carl - as Eddie - with "Eddie Prop Bike" and Valerie Whelan as Columbia.

After hundreds of visits and viewings never dressed as a character, something changed..."My children were older and curious and wanted to go see a show, that's when I thought, we should all go in costume" So, in the summer of 2015 he took himself and his son to go see the 69th Floorshow at the Garrettsville Cinema. This was the first time he dressed as Eddie.

Carl's "Eddie Jacket" signed by Meat Loaf.

He began to update his costume shortly after the Garrettsville show in August of 2015. His Eddie costume quickly became an impressive replica. He was regularly asked if he was a current shadow cast or floor show member. This provided enough motivation to fill out a cast application for Simply His Servants.

It was his first show as a member where the "Eddie Prop Bike" made its first appearance. Originally, most shadow cast Eddies used scooters to mimic Eddie's motorcycle. Carl instead focused on blending practicality with safety. He was able to achieve the aesthetic of Eddie's motorcycle without the fear of breaking a hip by utilizing bike handles, motorcycle visor, and an assortment of decorations.

Carl's Rocky Horror-themed tattoos.

The updates to his costume and the creation of the "Eddie Prop Bike" provided a good icebreaker when he contacted Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday) before one of his concerts in Cleveland, Ohio. There he had the opportunity to meet "the Loaf" and have him sign a few items while in full costume.

Carl proudly wears quite a few Rocky Horror themed tattoos including: Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the 17th/21st Lancers Regiment on his right forearm, Eddie's slingshot, and a memento from Berlin.

Notable Performances

  • His first performance - as Eddie - and the first appearance of the "Eddie bike" with Simply His Servants at the Cedar Lee Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Performed at Annual Spring and Halloween performance - as Eddie/Dr. Scott - at the Apollo Theatre in Oberlin, Ohio.
  • Performed - as Eddie/Dr. Scott with the Michigan Rocky Horror Preservation Society in Wayne, Michigan.
  • Performed with JCCP (Junior Chamber of Commerce Players) - as Eddie - in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Performed with Dawn Marie's Misfit Toys - as Eddie - at the All-star Charity Event to raise money for the Russell Theatre renovations in Maysville, Kentucky.
  • Performed at the Global Summit - as Eddie - with a worldwide, all-star cast ft. Max Mayhem in Berlin, Germany. [1] There were people from six countries including the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, and Israel. An audience of 1,600 people watched the performance in the amphitheater.
  • Performed - as Eddie opposite Becky Milanio Koupparis - at the UC Theatre in Berkeley, California. Becky performed as Columbia for the first time in 25 years in her old theater. The Berkeley performance was an all-star cast including the original members of Barely Legal, Indecent Exposure and by special invitation Carl Joseph Cascone.
  • Performed - as Eddie - with the Excited Mental State cast at the Fall Rocky Horror Gathering 2018 in Toronto, Canada.

Notable Creations

Carl showing the results of the 3-hour makeup process.
  • It was during August of 2015 when the idea, design, and building of the "Eddie Prop Bike" occurred. His fear of injury while using a Razor Scooter during "Hot Patootie" motivated the creation of the Eddie Prop Bike.
  • He goes out of his way saying, "I don't know if I'm the first one to do it, but no one puts as much effort into their gash as I do!" This, of course, is in reference to Eddie's famous forehead scar.
    Carl - as "Colonial Eddie" - posing for a picture before the Hamilton Pre-show.
    He has stated on numerous occasions (including a couple live broadcasts of the process) that his makeup routine typically takes around 3 hours.
  • He co-wrote, produced, and directed (alongside Bridget Burpo) two pre-show events for the Rocky Horror Preservation Society. These include a full performance of Machine Gun Kelly's Bad Motherf****r ft. Kid Rock and a theatrical rendition of "Farmer Refuted" and "You'll Be Back" from the Hamilton Broadway play.
  • Special Envoy to the Divinity at R.H.I.F.