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Original Australian Cast LP

The first Australian import of The Rocky Horror Show opened in Sydney on April 19th, 1974 at the New Arts Cinema in Glebe, and was the first presentation of the show outside of the UK and US. It starred well-known Australian stage actor Reg Livermore as Dr. Frank-N Furter.
Having never seen Tim Curry's interpretation of the role, Livermore gave it a completely different flair.

The show ran for three and a half years starting in Sydney at the New Arts Cinema. It moved to Melbourne's Regent Palace Theatre in October 1975 until May, and in August 1977, finished out the rest of its run in Adelaide in early 1978. Rocky Horror was very popular in Australia, and there have been several revivals since.

Catalog Numbers

Festival Records - L-35.231
Elephant Records - ELA 7000

Original 1974 Cast

Reg Livermore: Dr. Frank-N-Furter
Jane Harders: Janet Weiss
John Paramor: Brad Majors
Sal Sharah: Riff Raff
Kate Fitzpatrick: Magenta and Usherette
Maureen Elkner: Columbia
David Cameron: Eddie and Dr. Scott
Graham Matters: Rocky Horror
Arthur Dignam: The Narrator
Chorus and Phantoms: Bob Hudson, Arthur Dignam, Julie McGregor, Maureen Elkner, Graham Matters, Sal Sharah, and Piero von Arnim

Musical Numbers

"Science Fiction, Double Feature"
"Dammit Janet" (listed as "The Wedding Song")
"Over At The Frankenstein Place"
"Sweet Transvestite"
"The Time Warp"
"The Sword Of Damocles"
"Charles Atlas Song"
"Whatever Happened To Saturday Night"
"Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me"
"Once In A While"
"Eddie's Teddy"
"Planet, Schmanet, Janet"
"Rose Tint My World / Don't Dream It, Be It / Wild And Untamed Thing" (listed as "It Was Great When It All Began")
"I'm Going Home"
"Super Heroes"
"Science Fiction, Double Feature (Reprise)"

Production Credits

Directed by Jim Sharman
Designed by Brian Thomson
Costumes by Sue Blane
Produced by: Harry M. Miller by arrangement with Michael White

LP Credits

Piano: Jamie McKinley
Saxophone: Geoff Oakes
Guitar and Mellotron: Roy Ritchie
Bass: Ken Firth
Drums: Greg Henson

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