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Jim ("Cosmo") Hetzer (born August 13th in Cincinnati, Ohio) is a former producer and shadowcast actor for the Cincinnati Cast where his primary role was The Criminologist. Cosmo is also known for being the co-host of Rocky Radio, and the creator of Cosmo's Factory, the Internet's Oldest Rocky Horror Website. He is the current chairman of The Rocky Horror Preservation Foundation. Upon being removed from the Cincinnati Cast, Cosmo began work on Perry Bedden's Rocky Horror Picture Book with Perry Bedden and Chris Holley. Upon completion of the Perry Bedden book, he began work on The Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Par-tici-pation Guide (2015) Update with Binary Press.

General Info

Cast Affiliation: Independent (Formerly of: The Denton Affair & Downhome Decadence)

Theater / Venue: Independent

Position: Producer

Roles Played: Eddie, The Criminologist, Dr. Scott

Years Active: 1992 to Current

DeVirginization: May 1992


Cast Related

Convention Related

Non-Cast Related

Other Projects and Websites

Advertising Work

Between myself and Cosmo's Factory we have worked with the following companies:

  • Center of the World Records
  • Rolling Stone
  • Oglio Records
  • Springman Records
  • Rhino Records
  • Kaboom Cards
  • Rocky Horror on Broadway
  • Headliners
  • ODE Records
  • MAC Cosmetics