Original London Cast Soundtrack Album

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Original London Cast Soundtrack Album - 1973

The Rocky Horror Show Original London Cast Soundtrack Album was the first recording of The Rocky Horror Show.
It was produced by Jonathan King and reportedly recorded over one weekend.

Original London Cast

Tim Curry - Dr. Frank N Furter
Belinda Sinclair - Janet Weiss
Christopher Malcolm - Brad Majors
Richard O'Brien - Riff Raff
Patricia Quinn - Magenta/Usherette
Nell Campbell (as Little Nell) - Columbia
Rayner Bourton - Rocky Horror
Paddy O'Hagan - Eddie/Dr. Scott
Jonathan Adams - The Narrator

LP Credits

Count Ian Blair - Guitar
Dennis Cowan - Bass
Martin Fitzgibbon - Drums
Phil Kenzie - Saxophone
Richard Hartley - Arranger, Organ, Piano

UK Records Catalog Number

UKAL 1006

LP Track Listing

Side A:
1 "Science Fiction, Double Feature‎‎ "
2 "Dammit Janet‎‎"
3 "Over At The Frankenstein Place"
4 "Sweet Transvestite"
5 "The Time Warp"
6 "The Sword Of Damocles"

Side B:
1 "Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul‎‎" (Bless My Soul)
2 "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me‎‎"
3 "Once In A While"
4 "Rose Tint My World"
5 "I'm Going Home"
6 "Super Heroes"
7 "Science Fiction, Double Feature (Reprise)‎‎"