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Charles Jeske, Chris Wylie, Lou Adler, Nina Minnelli, Chris Carrillo, Tim Curry, Liz Stockton, Renee Jeske, Councilmember Paul Koretz, and Sarah Wilkins - Los Angeles City Hall - October 30, 2015
Lou Adler, Tim Curry, Sal Piro, and Councilmember Paul Koretz - 40th Anniversary Plaque dedication at the UA Westwood
Commemorative Marker for the 40th Anniversary of RHPS Debut at the UA Westwood
Troy Martin, Bill Ung, Lisa Kurtz Sutton, Sal Piro, Jesse Merlin and Carron Leon - Regent Theater, Westwood, CA

Rocky Horror Picture Show Day was an event that occurred on October 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.
It was a celebration to mark the 40th Anniversary of the US debut of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The day started at Los Angeles City Hall, where the proclamation was made. Tim Curry, Lou Adler, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show Official Fan Club President Sal Piro were in attendance, along with the costumed members of the cast of the Nuart Theater, Sins O' The Flesh. Special parchments were presented by Councilmember Paul Koretz commemorating 40 years of the historic release to Adler, Curry and SINS cast leader Jason Satterfield.

After the declaration in Downtown Los Angeles, they all regrouped at the site of the film's premiere, the UA Westwood (now vacant, but bearing the marquee for its last incarnation as the Mann's Festival Theatre). At 2 PM, a historic marker was dedicated that will remain on the site in perpetuity, as the building itself is a dedicated local landmark. Piro gave a little history while both Adler and Curry thanked the fans for their years of devotion. Tim Curry was in a wheelchair, but took the time to shake hands with and greet several fans at the event as well. Alder himself seemed genuinely moved by the crowd's support as well.

Following the dedication, a large group of fans were treated to a free screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Westwood Village at the neighboring Regent Theater (run by the Rocky-friendly chain Landmark Theatres.) Sins O' The Flesh performed at the screening as well, which was attended by Adler and Piro.

The following night, Tim Curry served as the Honorary Mayor of West Hollywood at the annual West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval, where an estimated 500,000 people came to celebrate Halloween. A special stage was set up where Curry appeared as a special guest to a performance by an array of costumed Dr. Frank N Furters plus other special performers provided by Sins O' The Flesh.

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