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Dawn Marie (born July 12, 1969 in Pittsburgh, PA) has been involved with Rocky Horror since the first time she saw the movie when it was playing at the now closed South Windermere Theater in Charlston, SC on February 2, 2002. By July 4th of 2002 she along with 4 other people formed the cast of BackRow Productions, Charleston, SC. Dawn has been a member of several casts over the years, usually performing as Magenta. She has on occasion performed as Janet Weiss, Riff Raff and Dr. Scott as well as taking on the task of Emcee, lights and props when needed. Dawn Marie is currently an independent performer on hiatus. EDIT: As of September 2016, Dawn Marie is retired from performing due to health issues, but she still runs Dawn Marie's Misfit Toys cast and is always happy to help out at conventions when asked.

Leadership Roles

Performance Roles

Cast Affiliations

Conventions Attended (Bold denotes convention performance)

Misc. RHPS Performances

  • ConCarolinas-NC
  • Jeff Mach's Final Cult Movie Overnight-NJ

Rocky Horror Casts Visited

Attendance of the Rocky Horror Show

  • RHS-York Little Theater, York, PA
  • RHS-Spartanburg, SC
  • RHS-Charleston Ballet, Charleston, SC
  • RHS-The Warsaw Federal Incline Theater, Cincinnati, OH

Miscellaneous Involvement